Kids Menu

Exclusive offer available for all Kids up to 11 years. Take your pick from a wide selection of mains, sides and extras. Perfect for any appetite. SMALL £3.75, with Dessert £4.75. LARGE £4.25, with Dessert £5.25.

Chicken Nuggets (Small 3 Nuggets/Large 5 Nuggets), Fish Fingers (Small 2 Fingers/Large 4 Fingers), 4oz Burger (Small 4oz/Large 6oz) or Sausage (Small 1 Suasage/Large 2 Sauasages)

Jacket Potato, French Fries, Mashed Potato or Chunky Chips

Peas, Baked Beans, Sweetcorn or Alphabet Spaghetti

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Served with Garlic Bread


Served with Cream or Ice-Cream